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Canadian-Made  for 
Canadian  Climates.

Only JELD-WEN True Tri-Pane

Technology™ can offer:

True Tri-Pane Technology™ provides two ½” air spaces, with Low E 180-272-366 Argon Fill for a U-factor of 1.08 to 1.02.

The exterior pane insulates the interior panes and reduces home heating and cooling costs.

The extra airspace between each pane acts as a second layer of insulation.

The interior panes reduce radiant heat and condensation, allowing for more cold-weather humidity and eliminating dry, winter air.

The interior panes reduce exterior noise and increase interior sound attenuation, creating a quieter, healthier environment.

tri-pane window

Tri-Pane windows from JELD-WEN are designed with more robust frames for increased durability.

Calculate Your Energy Savings

Tri-Pane  vs. 
Dual  Pane.

Put simply, Tri-Pane windows outperform Dual Pane.

33% more Low E Coating means superior UV resiliency.

50% more insulated space means reduced condensation
and increased efficiency.

50% more gas-fill significantly increases thermal performance.

Every Tri-Pane Collection product is specifically designed with a more robust frame and sash designed to accept a triple pane insulated glass unit which enhances performance and durability.

tri pane

True Tri-Pane

dual pane

Dual Pane

Star® Compliant

ENERGY STAR® is the mark of high-efficiency products in Canada and up-to-code products are typically in the top 15 to 30 percent of their class for energy performance, and the entire Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ is compliant.

Learn More About ENERGY STAR

ENERGY STAR Rebate Program

By choosing ENERGY STAR® compliant windows from JELD-WEN’s Northern Tri-Pane Collection™ you could be eligible for a number of provincial and federal rebates. Follow the links to learn how you can save with JELD-WEN.

Programme de ristournes ENERGY STAR

En choisissant des fenêtres conformes à la norme ENERGY STAR de la Collection Triple-Verre Nordique de JELD-WEN, vous pourriez être éligible à de nombreux programmes gouvernementaux de ristournes, autant fédéraux et provinciaux. Cliquez sur le lien pour en apprendre davantage.

Canada Greener Homes Grant La Subvention Canadienne Pour Des Maisons Plus Vertes

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is a six-year incentive program that will be made available to 700,000 homes across Canada, through which homeowners will be made eligible for up to $5,000 in federal grants. This federal program can be combined for added savings with existing provincial programs, and it targets specific home improvements that increase energy efficiency, including:

  • $125 for ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows
  • $250 for ENERGY STAR Most-Efficient Windows

La Subvention Canadienne Pour Des Maisons Plus Vertes est un programme incitatif qui s’étalera sur 6 ans et qui sera disponible à 700,000 foyers au Canada, à travers lequel les propriétaires de maisons seront éligibles à un maximum de $ 5,000 de la part du gouvernement fédéral. Ce programme peut être combiné avec d’autres initiatives provinciales afin d’augmenter les économies potentielles. Il englobe principalement les améliorations suivantes, qui augmentent l’efficacité énergétique des foyers :

  • $125 pour des Fenêtres en ENERGY STAR
  • $250 pour les fenêtres ENERGY STAR qualifiées de Plus Efficaces

A  National

A trusted brand in the Canadian building products industry, JELD-WEN is the only full line manufacturer of windows and doors with value and performance for every price point in the market.

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